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the simpsonz- bart moons u by llphsyco


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:iconshyfluttershyplz::iconsaysplz:Mit welchen kräften, mein führer?
:iconprincesstwilightplz::iconsaysplz:Die gruppe Steiner wird von norden her angreifen und sich mit der neunten armee vereinigen.
:iconapplejackwhatplz::iconsaysplz:Die neunte armee ist nach norden bewegungsunfähig. Die feindkräfte übersteigen unsere mannschaften um ein zehnfaches.
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:iconsadfluttershyplz::iconsaysplz:Aber mein führer, die zwölften armee marschiert nach westen richtung Elbe!
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Element Puzzler Informations

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 6:18 PM

I've seen Orlageddon writing this, so I'm just going to go ahead and post some useless informations about my project Element Puzzler.

World View:
The story takes place on the canopies of Holy Tree Yggdrasil, which stands on the border between Holy Roman Empire (Imperium Romanum Sacrum, IRS for short) and Hyperboria. It was annexed by the IRS, and then refurbished into an airport by replacing the natural wooden parts of the tree with metals, as well as constructing a spiral railroad around the trunk that goes from the ground to the canopies. However, the railroad quickly fell into disrepair as the tree itself outgrew the railroad and eventually consuming it in the process. In the end, the top of the tree can only be reached by aerial transportation, making it relatively isolated environment. Despite this isolation, the population of Yggdrasil continued to thrive on constant import of goods from other parts of the IRS.

Other locations:
Nova Roma, the new capital of IRS after the church overthrew the old Roman Republic (Senatus Populusque Romanus, SPQR for short). It's a heavily fortified city, and there's very little news leaked to the outside. Romans use denarius (plural: denarii) as their main currency. One denarius equals eight escudos, and one escudo equals eight centavos.

Themiskyra, the capital of Hyperboria. It's built on the side of the dam which holds the water of the now-frozen Lake Themiskyra. It used to be a major source of hydroelectric power, however ever since the lake was frozen by an unknown curse, the city fell into ruins. Hyperboreans use rubles as their main currency, and one ruble equals twelve kopeks.

Atlantis, the eponymous nation which was once the center of technology. It was once a large island, however an earthquack struck Atlantis and most of the island sunk into the ocean. What is left appears to be an archipelago of small islands littered along the shores of ocean. Most of its civilization is now nothing but sunken ruins, which bear the silent witness of a natural disaster of epic proportions. Atlanteans use Atlantean mark as their currency. One mark equals a hundred pfennigs.

Heaven, where Hikaru comes from. It is a technologically-backwards realm completely separated from Earth. Heaven mainly consists of a sea of clouds, which roads were paved between cities for caravans to travel across. Other than that there really isn't much sights worth seeing.

The elements are not referred to by their first names, but by their last names. For example, carbon is Suzu Wakayama (和歌山鈴). The name Wakayama comes from Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, which is known for a special type of charcoal called Binchoutan. This is where carbon gets her name as Wakayama. So unless you know some Japanese culture an history, you're not going to find any connection between the elements and their respective names.

The characters are sorted by classes. As far the core organic elements are concerned, they'll be sorted into 7 classes by their valence electron count, which are I, Ro, Ha (pronounced Wa), Ni, Ho, He (pronounced E) and To, respectively. Hikaru Uoza (魚座光) belongs to Ro class, because he's special and deserves attention.

1st period is 3rd Grade. 2nd and 3rd periods are 4th grade. 4th and 5th periods are 5th grade. Anything below is 6th grade.

It is the duty of every element to perform some sort of labor as extracurricular activities (as per Japanese elementary school standards). Suzu makes charcoal out of wood, which is in turn burned at the stove for cooking. Koyuki (nitrogen) manages frozen supplies. Homura (oxygen) makes the actual fire from Suzu's charcoals and controls the amount of heat supplied to the stoves. Hotaru (fluorine) works with Keisuke (silicon) at the glass shops. Rin (phosphor) guards the granary and accounts for every grain that goes in and out. Ikazuchi (sulfur) works at the forge to make fire-resistant cookware. Midori (chlorine) is in charge of all salt-preserved foods. Haruka (bromine) works in a photograph studio. Murasaki (iodine) treks out into the edges of the canopy and carries out the dangerous work of cleaning the aqueducts, because she's a 6th-grader and is considered capable of working alone in risky situations.

Ecchi (hydrogen) and Hikaru (helium) don't have any extracurricular duties, because they're 3rd-graders. While Hikaru is eager to learn how to be a master chef and spies on the cafeteria crew, Ecchi just plays with bubbles for the rest of the day after school is finished.

While all the elements look similar, they belongs to difference species. Ecchi is a wolf and Hikaru is a seraph. Suzu is a Diamond Carbuncle. Keisuke is a Glass Carbuncle. Koyuki is a yuki-onna. Homura is a cat. Hotaru is a fennec fox. Rin is a Japanese fox (kitsune), Ikazuchi is an Iriomote Yamaneko. Haruka is a skunk. Both Midori and Murasaki are wolves like Ecchi, but bigger (since they're older).

Hikaru comes from Heaven and visits Earth, on the condition that he learns "ways of the Earth" and brings back the news to Heaven once he's done learning. While on Earth, he befriends Ecchi-chan and starts working as an apprentice chef under the supervision of Hinotori-Sensei. However, Hikaru quickly realizes that he's biting off more than he can chew.

:iconfemaleredbirdplz::iconsays3plz:Was soll das heißen?:iconsays3eplz:


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Welcome to! My name is ocean one child.

0/1990, born in the book. When it is young, it goes in an elementary school of Hokkaido and is to the standard of the elementary school if it is a Japanese story. 15, as students moved to the Japanese. 21, 23, for two years as an apprentice student lived in China and understand even Chinese only a little.

Graduated from 26 in organic synthesis specialties. Now job seekers. It updates the street, the illustration of irregular production.

Anyway, e-mail it willingly whenever there are questions or problems affecting chemistry. It helps the number and but is in what it is pleased with.

Request, exchange picture, substitution do not do it. Thank you for approving it.

The reproduction without permission prohibits the all contents of our site.

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